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Monkeyphonecall.com offers realistic Monkey Phone Calls for people in the United States! For $10.00 we will call any normal phone line in the US and make a personalized Monkey Phone Call for you!

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If you're ready for your Monkey Phone Call click the link above to order! Your monkey phone call could come with hours or within 5 business days depending on how busy our call center is, and whether or not the recipient is available to accept the call. Monkey Phone Calls are only made between 9:00AM - 6:00PM central standard time.

Yes, we really do make the call! We've been in business, making monkey phone calls since 2001!

You don't want to order a monkey phone call? Then YOU BUY WADDED UP PAPER NOW!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes this Monkey Phone Call service is not only for real but very popular! Please visit our FAQ page so we can answer any questions you might have before you decide to use our service.

An Example Monkeyphonecall.com Phone Call

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Could I speak to (your name) please?

You: That's me!

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Great! I'm with monkeyphonecall.com and you're about to get a Monkey Phone Call for you!

You: Great! Let's hear it!

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Just a second while I get the monkey! (A short delay.) Eeeee ooooo eeeeee whoooo eeeeee oooooo eeeeeeeeeeee whooooo eeeeeeeee oooooooooooo eeeeeeee! (Our Monkey Phone Call operators take great pride in their monkey calls. They are trained for many weeks before being allowed to do a MonkeyPhoneCall.com Monkey Phone Call for you. Don't forget with MonkeyPhoneCall.com you get a professional call, not a cheap imitation!)

You: Hahahaha, I love the Monkey Phone Call it is fantastic!

MonkeyPhoneCall.com operator: Thanks for ordering from MonkeyPhoneCall.com. We hope to hear from you again!

You: Believe me you will! A Monkey Phone Call for me would be a great way to start the day every day!


Read what people are saying about Monkeyphonecall.com.

Jon H - Austin, TX - The best $10 I ever spent!

Dawn C - Nashville, TN - Today is my birthday and I must say, it is a gift that I will always remember... I'm going to tell all my friends about it.

Eugene T - Arlington, VA - Every time the phone rang for my boss I was in suspense waiting to see if it would be the monkey phone call. After I saw his reaction I was not disappointed!

The Sucksters - Suck - After three decades, its very own market bubble and untold billions of hours of deferred personal hygiene, the Internet has finally fulfilled its original promise: putting you in verbal contact with someone making monkey noises.

Humberto - Plastic.com - Monkeyphonecall.com finally validates our hopes for the Internet. They have low overhead, they scale well, and they're probably profitable right now.

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Monkeyphonecall.com is a SM2C (simulated monkey to consumer) new media business specializing in monkey phone call solutions for its customers. Monkeyphonecall.com utilizes viral functionalities to monetize scalable niches and create frictionless content communities through cutting edge ecommerce platforms and online sales channels. Click here to order now!

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